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When changes* are made to BestBooks, a record of those changes will be displayed in this list.

Date Author Description
2018-10-08T23:55:25Z PHK Corporation added stripejs plugin as an addon for bestbooks
2018-09-02T10:05:16Z PHK Corporation added basic http authentication for the rest api
2018-09-01T02:47:48Z PHK Corporation added bestbooks_deferredrevenue_payment hook
2018-09-01T02:47:04Z PHK Corporation implemented timezone setting based on user settings
2018-09-01T02:45:27Z PHK Corporation added 10-K and 10-Q reports to report index page
2018-09-01T02:44:31Z PHK Corporation added jquery to bestbooks_dashboard_sales_customerstatements
2018-09-01T02:43:56Z PHK Corporation implemented bestbooks_dashboard_sales_payments
2018-09-01T02:43:12Z PHK Corporation implemented bestbooks_dashboard_sales_recurringinvoices
2018-09-01T02:42:17Z PHK Corporation implemented bestbooks_dashboard_sales_invoices
2018-09-01T02:41:10Z PHK Corporation implemented bestbooks_dashboard_sales_estimates
2018-09-01T02:39:05Z PHK Corporation added 10-K and 10-Q report stubs
2018-08-30T12:13:55Z PHK Corporation added new hook, bestbooks_addexpense
2018-08-30T12:13:27Z PHK Corporation implemented Purchasing|Add Bill feature
2018-08-28T08:44:37Z PHK Corporation added Payment button fpr Sales
2018-08-28T07:55:33Z PHK Corporation added local w3.css enqueue, and two payment hooks for bad debts and deferred revenue
2018-08-27T20:18:38Z PHK Corporation initial export functionality
2018-08-27T20:15:22Z PHK Corporation added bestbooks_deferredrevenue hook for deferred revenue situations
2018-08-26T14:22:17Z PHK Corporation updates
2018-08-26T14:21:44Z PHK Corporation added "Add Transaction" button to Accounting|Transactions panel
2018-08-26T13:36:32Z PHK Corporation added avalara for sales tax reporting/payment
2018-08-26T13:35:44Z PHK Corporation set timezone based on admin setting
2018-08-25T11:23:10Z PHK Corporation implementation updates
2018-08-24T13:04:33Z PHK Corporation added phpoffice
2018-08-24T12:13:09Z PHK Corporation updated readme's
2018-08-24T12:10:20Z PHK Corporation placeholder directory
2018-08-24T12:09:20Z PHK Corporation added sales tax amount and payable account for sales (card/cash) hooks to record when sales tax is payable
2018-08-24T12:02:44Z PHK Corporation added bestbooks_baddebtwriteoff to handle bad debts entries using allowance or expense introduces the contra-asset account.
2018-08-24T11:31:29Z PHK Corporation added office365 templates for report generation
2018-08-24T10:59:04Z PHK Corporation added koolphp for reporting/report generation
2018-08-24T10:58:41Z PHK Corporation removed phpreports

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